Be a Positive Change Agent(PoCA)

Shivakumar Narayanan
2 min readJun 28, 2021


We have all come across phrases like ‘Change is the only thing that is permanent,’ but then there is more to change.

Every phase we pass through in life, every situation we encounter, is always a challenge or more that we need to deal with. Now, every such challenge has multiple perspectives. You might feel it is unfair, or you might feel it’s hard. But, in many cases, you wonder if there is something out there that can help you.

Whether it is you or the people you talk to daily, everyone is going through a challenge.

  • Your team member might be struggling while dealing with a multitude of deliverables. Some of them, you might be the beneficiary, and some of them, you might be an observer.
  • Your friend might be going through a trauma or processing grief. You want to lend your shoulder for him to lean on, but you may not be in a position to.
  • Your family member might be going through tough times, and you might be aware of it. Yet, you may or may not have the solution.
  • Or you might be going to a challenge which means your core beliefs are tested. Not that you don’t have core values that resonate with the world, but they might be just challenged.

For any of the above, the change first has to happen from within. Second, there needs to be a change in behavior inside you rather.

What does it mean to be a Positive Change Agent(PoCA)?

It means that you change your approach or behavior for the greater good, which is your value system’s core principle.

It is said that we are the problem, and we are the solution. It only means that we have the answer in us for all issues we face, all challenges we face. It starts with internal change.

Being PoCA might mean being there sometimes, being aware sometimes, or being expressive sometimes. Your need to be heard with your presence.

Irrespective of what’s going inside you or in your immediate world, if being a ‘Positive Change Agent’ in the world is foundational to your core values, look ahead, visualize that you are already that Positive Change Agent. Then, all you have to do is act as your future self would act.

In every situation, every challenge, every day — at least ask yourself, “In this, can I be a Positive Change Agent? Will I lose anything by being so, or will I gain anything?

In the end, you always learn; learning is growth, so listen and learn!



Shivakumar Narayanan

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