Wholesome Goal-setting

Shivakumar Narayanan
1 min readJun 7, 2021


Sometimes you find words that impact you, sometimes words find you. But I always believe that if a message has to reach you, it will do so through unimaginable messengers if you are just tuned to ‘listening’ without bias.

I worked over the last few months on my personal, professional, and financial goals for the next five years and then broke it down to what I need to accomplish in Year 1, Year 3, etc. These five-year goals are still a work in progress, and I will complete them by this month and review it with my mentor.

I wondered if there is a more thoughtful way to think of another layer against the Personal, Professional, and Financial bucket. Creativity, Health, Money being some of the keywords.

While I was thinking about it, my teenage daughter comes and tells the following four lines(as her focus/goals in life):

Something that could make me money in the future

Something that will keep my body fit

Something that will enhance my creativity

Something that will improve my mental health

Note: She later mentioned she found it on the internet and that it spoke to her heart.

How wonderful is it? It spoke to what I felt my heart was trying to understand. Money, Fitness, Creativity, and Mental Health!

We could translate this even to prioritizing our daily, weekly, or monthly time against tasks.



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